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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2021
I read some of these reviews and many claim to be computer techs and must not really be as this COMES WITH EVERYTHING you need to install it and configure the Nvidia drivers. You do NOT have to go and look for the drivers yourself like many claim, they ARE right THERE on the installation disc.

I put the card in, which is simple like we all know, turned the computer on, inserted the CD it came with, it installed whatever, rebooted again, the screen changed for the better as the new drivers worked. Then I configured some of the special Nvidia settings. Could not be simpler, just do not overclock this much as it WILL lockup, just did it myself. :>

First to be CLEAR, gaming cards are $350-$1000, this is not, so do not expect any "real" gaming performance. This is basically just a slightly better card to replace the built in internal Intel graphics chip. Nothing more really, a little better than internal graphics and frees up the ram some as it has its own ram and doesn't have to share, so that alone if a good thing.
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