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Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2021
Boy, do I regret buying this Limited Series. The series just reeks of editorial mandate intended to do little more than link other events or series and shoehorn in specific characters. The story essentially ends on page 16 and then suggests to the reader that they continue the story in Justice League Incarnate #1. Not gonna happen. However, this comic just keeps going because 16 pages is only a little more than half the comic. First, we have to have Darkseid tell us that the REAL wars are coming. This is why I quite reading Justice League. Because it was nothing more than an endless conveyor belt of events with each one promising something bigger coming up. The comic ends stating that there will be a continuation in 2022. So, I guess this comic is a lead in to two other series as well as some kind of event.

Here is how this six issue series essentially ends. Darkseid wants The Flash to crack through the multiverse to access a door and gain ultimate power. The Flash is running on a huge hamster wheel when President Superman breaks though the structure holding The Flash with a “SMASH”, freeing The Flash who seems to grab the arm of Psycho Pirate sending an energy bolt into the sky causing a huge two-page explosion with a KRAKAKATHOOM. This causes the black chains that were ensnaring Justice Incarnate to disappear and Roy Harper to be freed from the black ring. Why? How? No idea. Six issues and I can’t even figure out what caused everything to turn up good. It ended by the power of lousy storytelling. What a joke.

Issue #6 has an aggregate 8.7 on ComicBookRoundup from 15 professional reviewers and an 8.5 User Rating. I’ve got a few more issues from other series on preorder and then I think I’m going to take a break from DC comic reading. If this is what passes for a good story these days, then clearly I’m completely out of touch with DC. Pretty much everything here is a fail, and I’d bet that this series will very quickly be entirely forgotten because it’s a totally vacuous story. Infinite Garbage.
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