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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2015
Not much to add as most other reviewers pretty much covered everything. This appears to be a love it or hate it flick. Most haters complain that it's not scientifically accurate. Yes, there are many scientific inaccuracies in this film. However, this is a popcorn flick meant to entertain, not a documentary. The other common complaint is the hyper-active editing where most scenes last only seconds. I can see how this may turn some off, but it doesn't bother me and keeps the pace fast for this rather long movie. I love this movie because it's full of action, comedy, adventure, and gets very emotional at the end. Some of the visuals are truly spectacular, and it has one of the best original music scores of any film I've ever seen. The music really gets the emotions flowing. One of my favorite movies ever, hands down.
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