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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 2, 2013
I wholeheartedly agree with most of the 1 star raters. In my opinion this is probably the worst of the Women's Murder Club novels. I've read them all, as well as most of Patterson's adult focused books. James is over the edge, drifting into mediocrity, trying to paper the world with incongruous plots and character dialog. In 12th, he (and his co-author) allows Lindsey to continue to evolve into a girlie girl, a softie who is now far less believable as a SFPD homicide detective. With each new book in this series we are dragged lower down the slide of irrelevant babble, wondering if there will ever be the sort of meaty substance that first drew our loyalty. The plot(s) are a mismatched assortment of less than thrilling events.

Where is the James Patterson I first enjoyed? You know, that guy who created Alex Cross and the Murder Club where he made a female homicide detective both interesting and believable, yet allowing us to understand her human side. Character development, especially of the other Club members, had always been well structured and nicely crafted, as it might have been in real life. In this episode we not only get to experience Lindsey's human side, but also get to test our gag reflex during segments of her mushy and repetitive comments. Come on James, your fans (the paying customers) deserve better from you. Fewer books each year might contribute to better overall quality.

I added the 2nd star in memory of the James Patterson I once knew.
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