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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2012
I was both sad and excited when I read Fight for Peace a last book in the Molly Fyde series. I really loved this series and now very unhappy that this is the end. On the other hand my addiction to these books led me to ignoring all the other books on my "to read list", which is really no good. So that is why I'm just a bit excited that I finally free to move on to something else. But really Hugh Howey writes such an addictive prose, it's ridiculous!

Most of the action is taking place on the planet Lok and its orbit. Most of the main characters are finally united in their fight against Bern. I'm not going to go into the details as to how they were planning to destroy the evil aliens. However I must say it was quite a brilliant strategy. And to find out whether or not the plan was successful you'll just have to read the book. Trust me it's very thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

However, to tell you the truth even my love for Hugh Howey is not going to stop me from lowering my rate to 4 stars. Just to be clear, I was in no way disappointed with the book, it's just was not as perfect as it could have been. I really didn't want to start the review with the bad but here it is.

Main reason why the rating is not 5 stars is because concluding several chapters of the book really confused the hell out of me. Perhaps I'm simply not smart enough to get it, but the explanations of who is the Bern Seer and what her real role was, were really not clear to me. Overall her purpose in the book is a mystery to me. I think the reason why I didn't get it is because the ending was sort of rushed and a lot of things should have been clarified more, especially the aftermath of the main conflict. Just a bit more details and explanations in couple of more chapters would definitely make a difference for me.

Another reason why this book wasn't as satisfying is because a lot of the plot is taking place in the past. There are 3 main flashbacks, well I guess 4 if we count Wadi's. Reasons for these I assume was to give more color and background to the main characters. However in my opinion this should have been done as characters are introduced to the plot in the previous 3 books, as oppose to in the conclusion, almost as an afterthought. By this point I've already established attitude towards the characters and it was too late at least for me to form any other opinion.

I believe out of the 4 flashbacks the only one I enjoyed was Walter's. I mean as it is, I disliked Walter immensely. However the flashback really revealed the true nature of this Palan kid as someone who is absolutely without conscience and immensely greedy. He had no regard what so ever for human life. This really did reinforce my already very low opinion of him.

Other than negative points above I must really say that I loved the book, even if I misunderstand few things. It was as action packed as the other books in the series. But I found that this particular book is really about many things, but most importantly it's about sacrifices that people make for others. It's truly been a very emotional read and the very first and last book in the series where I actually shed a tear. I will truly miss Molly Fyde and her friends. Thanks Hugh Howey for introducing such a wonderful universe to your readers.
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