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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2020
GENERAL COMPARISON: There's really nothing to complain about with this replacement label tape as of yet. I've only used it for a few things so far, but it seems to work as well as the name brand I was replacing. (Hard to compare directly because the item I was fixing the labels to with the old labels most recently was a plastic, flat material - storage bin. I used my labels for CD/DVD binders this time, so it stuck but didn't seem as fixed. To be expected since it's a strange fabric-type material, but it did still stick! No telling if the other tape would've worked "better.")
QUANTITY: Thumbs up! It's great it comes in a set, so I already have back-up for when I run out. I'll be interested to see how long each refill lasts since my last label tape seemed to last forever. I guess we'll see! (If it's ridiculously short, I'll update as such.)
COLOR: Nice, bright white which makes the black writing really pop. (My former tape was yellow.)
PRICE: Can't beat it. Really good price for the amount of refills you get.
OVER ALL: The price is right, and the "tape" fits (my label maker).
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