Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2022
I try to use rechargeable batteries, whenever possible, as they are better for the environment, and pay for themselves, in savings over regular batteries. There are a few devices when rechargeable batteries either won’t work, or are so impractical, that you need regular batteries. The main name brands have their marketing down to a science, and they keep coming out with the newest and best regular batteries. The best of the name brands are great batteries, but the cost doesn’t really make sense. Decent regular batteries are available in value packs, like these, and even with the non ultra premium brands, the shelf life has been improved greatly. This pack of 8 batteries was comparable to a 2 pack of the top of the line name brands. Of course it is always worth checking prices, but between the rise of rechargeable batteries, and people being more conscious of the environment, regular batteries are really a great value. The best value is rechargeable, and if they will work for you, that’s the way to go. If rechargeable’s aren’t practical, these are a great value.
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