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Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2019
Okay, this book sent my little shipper's heart all a fluttering!

I'm going to be brief with this review because I don't want to reveal spoilers, and in the fact of that there's SO MUCH that happens in this book. I will tell you guys right up front, this book pays homage and does its predecessor justice with its twisted retelling, where it sends your Mulan X Shang shipping heart all the feels. It's a fanfic come to life!

The story takes place after the battle on Tung-Show Mountain, where Mulan as Ping shot their last cannon at the mountain causing the avalanche that obliterated Shan Yu's army. Instead of Shan Yu striking Mulan, Shang leaps in front of her and takes a fatal blow. From there on, facing the possibility of Shang dying from the wound, their descent from the mountain becomes weary. One night, after Shang's condition worsens, General Li's spirit comes to tell Mulan that there is a way to save his son's life. After that, Mulan finds herself in Diyuu, the Chinese version of the World of the Dead, where she strikes a deal with the Underwold ruler himself, King Yuma, that if she can find Shang and escape Diyuu before morning, Shang will live.

Mulan, Shang, and the Li family's guardian, Shishi, go through tremendous obstacles throughout Diyuu, where all of them must face both inner and outer demons; Mulan especially. There's even the big reveal of Mulan's gender in this story, in which I find myself favoring over the movie's version of it. And the relationship between Shang and Mulan is just as invigorating as in the movie itself, and even more so in this book.

At the end of this book, I wish it were in the canon-verse of Mulan.
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