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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2019
The courageous actions of well trained special operators is a hallmark of the American special operations forces. They are on full display in Alone at Dawn. John Chapman, and his CCT brothers, take that that standard to the highest levels. Anaconda's command and control lash ups were touched upon and those poor decisions should have not happened with egos and service parochialism getting in the way. This should be explored in other books in a transparent way. Shilling's and Longfritz's story of John Chapman is a compelling read bringing readers directly into the 2002 battle especially in Chapman's last minutes. As a member of the earlier CCT generation, I am humbled by John Chapman and his CCT brothers, under the most difficult battlefield conditions, sorting out the Anaconda air battle and taking the fight to the enemy. Thank you Dan and Lori for publishing this long overdue story of the incredible valor of John Chapman.
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