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Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2020
Chase and Harper, both born wealthy, both good people. Chase came from old money but followed in his mother's family tradition- the military and protection. Harper came from new and illegal money- but having been kept unaware of where her father's money came from. Although the two families' fathers hated each other for years- the strong children still formed strong attractions and friendships despite the hostility. This was well written, engrossing, with multiple suspense throughout. The ending was wrapped up well and very satisfactorily with even a bit of a breath stealing surprise. I do recommend this book and will be reading more.

Bonus book- Wait Until Dark
This is described as a prequel to the series on the single copy page. It definitely came before the first book as there's no mention of Chase's wife Harper, but it's not detailed enough to be a true prequel. It is good, but I'm glad I read it after book 1. Jonah and April have a somewhat insta-attraction but it's easily accepted with the high emotions of her almost being killed multiple times. Like in the first book the female lead- April- is feminine, gorgeous, and very strong willed. And Jonah is the ultimate open-minded, but protective, yummy alpha male. It would've been nice if there was an epilogue but hopefully we'll find out more about their lives in future books. I highly recommend this series and author.
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