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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2020
At one point, I had read every book this author has written. I've missed a few over the years, but have repurchased many to re-read again. Something I never do - I'm usually about to read the first few sentences of a book and remember the rest, making though of re-reading it more of a chore. Not with Mr. McCammon. People who do a lot of reading often run into books they just resonate with, causing a chase through that author's other works. This is the experience I had with Mr. McCammon. I think one characteristic of a good book or story, from the mediocre - involves the "suspension of belief" - or "disbelief" - just getting lost in - and enjoying the story. When you're reading along and either hit bad dialog or a hick-up in the story that doesn't make sense, it's like tripping while taking a relaxing stroll in nature. You're forced to "look down" at the cause and away from the beautiful world around you. A horrible distraction. This book involves aliens from space. If you can still go on from that, you will be in for a huge ride. One that you don't want to end. To me, this is the talent of this author. Believable dialog and action. You can't go wrong with any of the books you start with. Like a movie in your head that you are able to pause for brief moments - and can't wait to pick back up to see what happens next. This really isn't so much about "this" book, but a suggestion towards a talented author you may find yourself able to get lost with. Pick any story. You'll find one with him. I'm always amazed by what process goes on in the mind of the writer of a story. Where did "that" come from? "I didn't see that coming" - or actually "feeling" emotions for the characters - "from" the characters - things that make his stories so worth it to me. Basically, it's really hard when making recommendations to others. You either travel with them, or try to keep up after tripping. Because of this, I don't make many recommendations regarding "Fiction" books at all. Mr. McCammon makes this easier. Pick one and enjoy the ride.
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