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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2012
I normally would never think of picking up a novel written by a tv show host, but I have a lot of respect for Anthony Bourdain and enjoy his non-fiction pieces, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm glad I did. It's rare enough to find a multi-talented artist, but that's exactly what Bourdain is proving himself to be. Add fiction writing to his growing repertoire of skills.
"Bone in the Throat" is a divertingly fun romp through Tony's New York--dark, gritty, often desperate, but with a distinctive hint of macabre humor that fans of "No Reservations" or "A Cook's Tour" will easily recognize. Bourdain pulls no punches here, giving us the good and the bad with equal honesty. His detailed descriptions of artfully prepared meals and the simple joy of cooking are interspersed with the harsh truth of a junkie's struggle to get clean, and both strike the reader as likewise realistic, a testament to Bourdain's own experiences as well as his talent at bringing both words and food to life.
The largest problem with this book is the lack of careful editing, an issue that's cropped up in a number of Kindle editions. Simple grammatical and spelling errors distract a reader at the worst possible moments. Don't let this alone stop you, though. Bourdain's writing is plenty strong to relegate the editing issues to nothing more that a nuisance.
Fans of "Kitchen Confidential," as well as Bourdain's Travel Channel shows will thoroughly enjoy this book, and readers of Carl Hiassen and Elmore Leonard ought to check it out as well.
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