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Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2020
The first gate arrived with the box tore up and a bar completely broke away from the gate. So we had to get a replacement for that and the second box came beat up as well, but luckily no bars were broken on it. The bars are flimsy and the gate isn’t as sturdy as I would expect, especially for the cost. My 22 month old is capable of pushing the gate to extremes when she is upset about being gated in the living room when I have to step out. The gate opening doesn’t close automatically behind you requiring you to manually deal with it, which is unhelpful. It does fit our very large opening and assists with the intended purpose, but for the cost the quality is quite low. We have another gate (different brand) to fit a similarly large opening—which I couldn’t find for some reason that does shut and lock automatically behind you and is much higher quality than this gate. I gave this 3 stars because it does what it needs to, but I don’t feel like it will for long. I’m afraid the gate is so cheaply made that it won’t last which is why I unfortunately had to give it a less rating.

UPDATE: After only having this gate 1 month and 1 week our 22 month old figured out how to open this gate. As stated before we have a sturdier gate by a different company that she hasn’t figured out, but for the price and the cheap quality matched with her ability to easily figure out how to open this gate makes me give it 2 stars. Wish I could have stuck with 3 stars, but I’m disappointed that she is able to easily open this gate, which defies the purpose.
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