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Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2021
Do Not Buh Eco flow you will regret Chinese ion problems and they only speak English when it’s convenient. I was stuck with over $ 2,000 worth in defective delta inverter solar panel and ecoflow river banks due to lithium ion damage. Amazon allowed them to walk all over me as they lied cheated and stole my money . Lithium ion can only be disposed by a special handler that I was advised to call which I did leaving me no product to send back as you can not exchange ship pick up leaking/ damaged lithium ion products without hazmat( special 1800 number on side of box ) Amazon leadership was competent and had everything straightened out until executives played the denial game and changed skus no longer sold product due to bad reviews and it being complained about but then waited and then ecoflow then sells again bungling the products so it is different skus and all along Amazon allowed this . I swear that’s when I knew Jeff bezos was stepping back there has just been a huge change these past 6 months ( transition ) . Now these so called too moth executives that don’t care anything more than numbers to so call increase profits will do it temporarily and fall once the service slips and we are the typical there’s nothing we can do routine or my system shows . Just watch even with this complaint Amazon won’t care and eco flow will say send product back after they know it can’t be sent back and that the hazmat has already picked up under their advisement. I hope brick and mortar start getting more aggressive , steps up carry’s more products makes better deals becomes more creative because amazon compared is not always the least expensive and dealing with third party’s they don’t do anything not to mention your $100 plus membership and sometimes endless phone calls .
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