Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2020
Let me start out by saying, it works. I guess. I mean, it stores rubbermaid lids just fine but with the snapware style lids, it functions the same but if you don't have enough of each lid they don't stay tightly upright. The reason for this is the spacing between notches (where you add the dividers) is about 2 inches or so apart. In theory this makes sense but there should be more notches to accommodate a variety of quantities of lids.
Also, for what it is. it's VERY overpriced. Retails for 20 bucks. I paid 15 on BF, but realistically for this cheaply blow molded plastic item it should not be more than 8 bucks, IF THAT. For now it works and does what I need it to do, however this will probably be going back now that I feel I could make one out of wood with better results than this thing gives me.
Lastly, the size of this thing is what it is, it's not expandable so let's say you have wide drawers, the likelihood of getting two next to each other side by side that's aesthetically pleasing is all based on the sizes they have available for sale. It's not like this item and slide open to fit wider drawers or vice versa.
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