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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 18, 2019
A terrific read. A plot that has murder, ghosts and the Mob all in one neat package. Well written and only a few proofing errors. The characters are warm, vivid and full whilst at the same time displaying all the natural human failings. From curiosity to major ego. The 'baddie' was obvious but I must admit that I was surprised at the identity of her secret informant.
After her boyfriend and editor stole her story about the mob connections in town, she has packed up and come down to her safe haven - her Gran. Shame she also had to see a ghost on her way to the front door and now had to attend a funeral. A funeral that ended with two bodies in the casket and an explosion. Now her appetite is whetted. With the help of her two friends (one's a witch and the other is an empath) she starts investigating. Another murder, a rare book, an informant, a police chief who left town two days before their wedding and an attempted murder. Can they find the killer before her life flashes before her eyes?
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