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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2020
I've tried several different selfie stick/tripod combinations and I must say that this specific one has been the longest and easiest to use for me! I use it with my Galaxy S20 Ultra which is quite a large phone and I find that the phone holder is so far the most user friendly as some other brands have been too hard to open up and properly position the phone without hitting the side buttons or even dropping my phone in the process. Not only is the phone holder easy to use but it has a solid grip on your phone where you can be sure it will not slip out.

The longer selfie stick is awesome as it captures much broader shots than my other ones. The versatility of the direction adjustment on the phone holder and the locking mechanism for that works fantastic. It is extremely easy to adjust and holds the position steady!

With the tripod being so long extending up to 62.3 inches I feared it would be too bulky to store and not stable enough when holding my large phone (which has been my experience with other brands). But much to my surprise even with my heavy phone it is very stable as well as being very compact and light thus making it easy to store and travel with. One other thing that I love about this product is that I can easily use the same product for my large phone AND for my GoPro with the Go pro adapter that is included! That is a huge plus for me as I've had to carry around different tripods for different devices in the past and once again its more to carry around and quite inconvenient.

Last but not least… the Bluetooth remote works GREAT and is very simple to use.

For someone like myself who is not a technology superstar but does use her phone on a regular basis for videos and selfies… this has been my best experience with a selfie stick tripod as it is very simple to use, lightweight, easy to store and works perfectly for what it is intended to do. For this price, you can’t beat it!
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