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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2019
Chasing A Flawed Sun lead me through a spiral of emotions. As the sister of a full blown addict, I read this book at times with disgust. I could relate to how Danny’s family felt, and just like my own brother, hated him for doing this. I cried, as I stayed up all night reading this book, tears so hard for my lost brother, who I know is out there feeling helpless, worthless and alone, fighting his fight with his own “flawed sun”. I cheered for Danny every time he got “clean” just as I have done for my own brother ever since he was a child trying drugs and alcohol for the first times. Sadly for him, like Danny, he fell quickly into the deep strangle of their addictions and every time he tried something new, it lead to a more serious addiction. Most importantly, this book, made me feel empathy, for my brother and the other addicts out there fighting the horrible holds of addiction. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to have my brother back, and hope that one day, he will beat the odds, like Danny, and be clean. Until then, I will pray and keep my hope! Anyone who is struggling with addiction, or has a family member, loved one, or friend struggling with addiction, I encourage you to read Danny’s book, and travel through his journey to recovery- it may help, and keep some hope alive for you!
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