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Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2019
Writing this review is hard and tricky.


Because I both liked and disliked the book. I liked the writing style, pulls you right in, and Feyre. She's a strong, flawed character, who grows throughout the book. I also liked the lore part, with the faeries and all, and the similarities between it and Beauty and the Beast.

But that's it. There are some mild spoilers coming up, so continue only if you wish to know.

Feyre is the only one that takes care of her family. She's the only one that hunts and makes sure they get to eat and have all the necessary things. Not a lot but better than nothing. Until she kills a wolf that turns out to be a faerie. Another one comes to seek revenge and gives Feyre a choice: go with him or die. See, the Faeries and humans were not on friendly terms and it was a big no-no to kill Faeries.

Or was it?

As I said, the story is very similar to Beauty and the Beast, so you pretty much know what happens. Feyre hates Tamlin, but throughout the months spent together, the things they go through, they fall in love. And then the big bad Faerie comes out to play and well, this is pretty much where it went downhill. To be honest, I wasn't liking Tamlin. I kept waiting for him to make me swoon but nada. Was it because I knew what would happen in book two? Which, to be honest, I just don't get.

Why make the heroine go through hell and back for the Faerie she loves, only to have her switch heroes?

Right now, I'm not interested in reading the other books in the series. Will that change? I don't know. But I'm actually disappointed by it, hence the weak 3 star rating. And unpopular opinion.
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