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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 19, 2022
So I loved the first three Nix books. She is my favorite Mayer character. I know people loved Rylee but for me Nix in books 1-3 was the best. I loved that she was older more mature and had children that she fought for no matter what the cost just like any mother I know. It made her relatable in an otherwise I relatable fantasy novel.
However, book 4 was just out of left field and felt like we started a brand new series but with the same characters. Then we got to this book and because so many new characters came in book 4 and there was so much time between book 4 and 5 I’d forgotten half of the characters. I didn’t go back and reread 4 because I didn’t like it that much. So I plodded along through 5 and it was fine but not anything as awesome as 1-3.
I liked that she got a semi happy ending although we went from her falling into hell to everything being fine with no explanation. We also never heard about what happened with Vivian. I know Mayor likes to have her series connect and in this one we had a run in with Rylee but it just felt like these last two books opened the door to other stories and more questions that weren’t really necessary.
I didn’t love that her and Killian had little to no interaction in this book but I did like that he knew what she needed and that she was still the savior without him but women can be saviors and still show emotion and affection.
So if you were looking at this review before reading the series I’d say read 1-3 and skip 4-5 it adds nothing.
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