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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 23, 2019
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Just finished my re read before The Darkest Star. I remember rushing through this book to find out the ending so this time I tried really hard to take my time and enjoy it. It was so good. Daemon is basically everything and Kat is a heroine I want to be. This whole series did not disappoint and is easily one of my all time favs. I do wish we’d get a book about Archer, as he is the only one close to my feelings for Daemon. Excited to try The Darkest Star now!!
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WOW. WHAT. AN. ENDING. HOLY ALIEN BABIES! LOVED THIS! I felt enthralled the entire time reading and never was bored at any point in this series. First of all.... Katy is literally one of my all time favorite heroines; she is sooooo relatable and I love her humor and reactions to things. I felt like I could be Katy and that made reading the book soooo much better. Second... DAEMON BLACK. GOOD LORD. There is no competition with this man; forever book friend material and perfection. His an ass, he's sweet, he's hot, he's strong, he's willing to do whatever it takes for his family and he is perfect. Great ending to a series and I WANT MORE.....
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