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Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2019
I enjoyed this book enough that I plan try the second one, but felt that there's room for the writing to improve. I liked the concept of a world blending magic with space faring.

The main character was likable, but his personality didn't come through very strongly. The starship captain was a more fleshed out personality in some ways. On the upside, it does leave our mage plenty of room to grow as he matures.

The pacing felt a bit forced to me, with the ship tumbling from one emergency directly into another. It fit with the premise of the story, but was a little overdone.

Lastly, it needed a good edit. There were numerous typos, usually in the form of missing spaces between words. The author also seems to feel the need to restate facts we already know about the characters. To me it smacked of content released incrementally and not smoothed out when stitched together.

For example, the frequent need to talk about one of the characters as "the dark skinned man". We already know he's dark skinned after the first introduction, and it's not a significant fact. Why lean into it each time the character comes into a scene? Ditto with things like what it means to be a Hand of the Mage-King. We heard you the first time.
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