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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 1, 2012
Have you ever been shopping at the grocery store, seen a cute, single (well, at least ringless) man that catches your eye, whom you hope to bump into "accidentally" at the cantalope display? Your eyes lock for just a brief moment, until you both look away. You imagine that this might be your Sleepless in Seattle guy, your very own Tom Hanks--cute, but not too good looking; fit, but not to the point that you feel subconscious; funny, but never crude. Later at the event, you finally meet, only to find out sadly that there's just no chemistry, and he's about as interesting as broiled chicken with a head lettuce salad. Sorry to say it, but that's the analogy for this book.
After a great beginning, (and promising setting, ripe with potential) the novel really goes nowhere; it plods along slowly with no new revelations in plot or character development. Remember SHOW and TELL from grade school? Well there was a reason they had the SHOW part--that was the interesting half; the TELL part was just details. The biggest problem this story has is that it rarely SHOWS us any character development via legitimate conversation or action, but rather TELLS us narratively what the characters are thinking and feeling--boring. Second problem? The female doctor is completely unbelievable, whether you watch Gray's Anatomy, or have doctor friends, I guarantee you've never known one like this. Female doctors are driven, determined, take charge, and usually throw themselves into their work when faced with personal problems--if that wasn't their M.O., they probably wouldn't have made it thru med school. Third, the last 80% of the book is dull, or maybe it's just a let down after the promising introduction. It's really written at the "what I did over my summer vacation" level. Readable, but no where near as good as the ratings it's getting.
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