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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2019
Well, long story short that I purchased this card for the second time in the time bracket of 4 months and I got the same result each time. The motherboard is a MSI z370-a Pro which has one port for mvne v.2 originally designed and located on it and the bios has already been updated to it's latest version. The first time, and after I installed the hard drive, I could successfully make it detectable by windows and by using the Samsung migration software, I made a successful clone directly from the older SSD drive and thus, windows boots up the system without any problem or error massages but when it comes to the speed which is the only reason you might want to upgrade from a SSD to nvme2 drive, it fails and it does it by a big margin.
The first time, I assumed the product is defective and there is not much I can do to make it any better (not to mention that based on the information on my motherboard's manual, this generation of nvme v.2 is compatible and there are a few settings on the bios to make it right accordingly).
The second time, I got the very same results but this time I decided not to give up that fast so I started asking for technical support which comes with some of the electronics that you as an Amazon prime member can talk about, but surprisingly I noticed that the technical support has no difference with if you just call or chat about a product which doesn't function the way it should in terms of what else you might be guided for other than return or exchange the product. So after trying 4 times calling and talking with several different people in tech support department, I felt that I can't get anything and I tried getting help directly from Samsung. Unlike Amazon support, Samsung provided a great care and I was directed to the right department very fast but we went through everything from A to Z and they couldn't find anything as if it could be changed or done differently than i ever did and they wouldn't able to provide any reasonable explanation as why this drive not working with the speed it should read and write. I got back where I was and couldn't convince myself to deal with a product that designed to perform several times faster than a SSD but it doesn't. Even though when I purchased it, the price was on super sale and I typically paid for a 1 TB SSD. The actual performance of this product and the Amazon's tech support all remained as a mystery and I am not going to gamble on this product for the third time.
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