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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 17, 2022
Now, the authors earned a little redemption with this book/novella. I appreciate their attempt to actually tell a story this time instead of a constant barrage of action sequences. It was a well balanced cocktail of story and action. Do I agree with the direction they steered the story for certain characters? Doesn't really matter because it isn't mine to tell. Did it keep me reading? Yes. That's the point. My review of the previous book may have seemed harsh, but I see such tremendous opportunity in this formula of fiction. If they continue to make this a more character and story driven series then I'll continue, but if I find myself in another 300 page battle diary then I'll be write these authors off completely. That means all other works by then will be off the table. May not matter to others or even the authors. But, one can hope.
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