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Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2018
You are reading this review because you are (1) considering a cordless grease gun and (2) comparing various brands of them. Let me save you some time and potential frustration: add this to your cart and be thrilled by how awesome it is 2 days later. Also got a lock-n-lube coupler for it which takes it from an A to an A+.

Battery lasts forever, easy and clean to load, primes in seconds, makes the most stubborn zerks yield in defeat, long hose, sturdy case, includes battery and charger....nothing negative. Yeah its a couple hundred $ to do same thing as a $20 manual grease gun. But worth every penny. If all you have is a riding mower with 4 grease fittings skip it. But you have a tractor, backhoe, tandem axle trailer, etc....yeah you want this. I tried to go cheap route and got a different generic one and it was horrible. Battery always dead, no pressure for stubborn fittings, hard to reload...wasted $. Just do it right and get this one, be confident you made an excellent choice. And i say this NOT being a DeWalt fanboy....all my power tools are Bosch and Hitachi so i have no battery overlap with this but still think it was best choice. Hitting 30-40 grease fittings servicing a piece of equipment is a boring unproductive chore. Do it in a few minutes and with no mess with this instead :) Is it more of a luxury than necessity? Probably, but you will definitely say "why didn't I buy this years ago?"
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