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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2020
Brad Thor's newest is not his best. He puts Scott Horvath in the unenviable position of having lost his wife and mentor in the last installment; trying to drink away the pain in Florida; and then vicious Russians put a one hundred million dollar bounty on his head, payable to the one who kills Scott. Fortunately, what's left of Scott's team find him, and saves him from one of the bounty hunters who actually has the jump on him in an inebriated condition. Then we learn that one of his closest associates in Norway was murdered in order to get info on Scott. Both Thor and Scott will not let that stand, neither will the Carlton Group with Nicholas now running things.

This book, from the way too obvious scene where Scott is saved in Key West, is one long continuation of chase the bad guys, find the bad guys, kill the bad guys in order to get to the next set of bad guys. Finally, of course, Scott and company, now with the addition of the beautiful Solvi from the Norwegian Secret Service helping the team, find the penultimate bad guys and (surprise)... kill them. Mission complete. Ultimately, Solvi awakens Scott's dormant emotional impulses and perhaps his bodily needs. My problem with this is that the plot line is so thinly disguised. Then there's the over abundance of explanatory material and background, which most of the time seems like filler rather than necessary detail. Lastly, Thor seems to make it a point to violate one of the thriller author's cardinal rules: show it, don't talk about it, such as: Scott needed to figure a way out of this situation, and quick! Glad to finish this one and get on to something more solid and better written.
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