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Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2017
"Any damaged board can be smoothed out and made new with work and patience."

Is Adam Stone a "damaged board"? Starting life over as an ex-convict, in a small town, is not an easy thing to do, but Adam Stone has managed to live a simple life as a responsible citizen, out of the limelight in his solitary cabin by the Oregon coastline. Until one day, the beautiful police chief shows up at his doorstep, tipped off by a local, about the recent vandalism on Stone's property and "a tiny ember of hope for a future that included more than a loyal, lovable dog for a companion began to glow in a long-dark corner of his heart".

Lexie Graham has hardly noticed Adam Stone since he arrived in Hope Harbor, and she would have remembered it if she had. Ruggedly handsome, coupled with a humble spirit, is a hard thing to forget. Acting on a hunch, Chief Graham commandeers Adam's help with one of the troubled youths proven to be a part of the local pranks, and in the process discovers a part of herself that has lain dormant since the death of her husband. "Was she ready to let go of the past and take a chance on a future that could be fraught with challenges - and change?"

This addition to Irene Hannon's "Hope Harbor" series is all about trusting God to open the door to second chances.
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