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Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2021
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah spans three decades, focusing on the power of friendship between two women, Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey. Both women are complete opposites, living different types of lives, yet vow to be best friends forever. The book was published in 2008, and season 1 of the Netflix series came out in 2021. I will only be talking about the book version since both are quite different, but you should check both versions out for yourself. Let me be frank; this story has made me cry on multiple occasions.

Entertainment: star

During all three time periods, you will feel entertained. I like that Hannah used real-life experiences and made them effective for the reader to get lost in another reality. In every part of Tully and Kate's adventures, I feel like I am with them, silently watching as a background character. I am engrossed in the story and dialogue when they're kids riding bikes, dancing at a bar, or going through a heated argument.

Characters: star

Kristin Hannah put her strongest effort into crafting believable, in-depth characters. Tully and Kate have likable qualities while also showing unlikeable moments, which I feel is very human. Personally, I like Kate much more than I do Tully, but qualities of Tully I'm able to see in myself. Both of the main characters stay true to who they are while gradually growing and developing through the years.

Plot: star

The plot of Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah tells a cohesive story through the lives of the two main protagonists. It starts in the 70s, then makes its way through the 80s and 90s to finish the reader with the early 2000s. The sequence of events makes perfect sense. The story is always moving forward. Change occurs after each chapter. Technically, there are plot twists in this novel, and each time they are gut-wrenching.

Writing Style: star

The only critique I can come up with for Firefly Lane is once in a while, the point of view can be cloudy (mom pun not intended). The chapters don't have character names like other novels. One moment you are reading about Kate, and then the next paragraph in the same chapter can flip to Tully's point of view. It isn't super confusing for the most part, but something that I think is worth noting. Everything else about the author's sentence flow and word choice in the book is magnificent.

Finished Product: star

Reading through almost five hundred pages, I did not catch one editing mistake. The design of the book not only makes sense to the story but is beautifully done. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah is the perfect book to snuggle under blankets in bed or next to a fireplace and read for hours.

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5 out of 5 stars

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