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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 21, 2013
I just finished Three Sisters, I loved it! I like it so much I took my time to read it and it was still over too soon.

The characters are outstanding, well developed. Each with unique traits, and each strives to conquer the negative and shine with the positive.

The three sisters are Victorian Homes that are on a hill by themselves, two are beautiful and one has been empty for some time and is in need of some love. And love it shall receive when Andee buys it to get away from the city and a relationship gone bad and parents who fill she has not fulfilled her professional ability.

The three owners are women, each very different, each with their own uniqueness and each has heart breaking events in their past they must overcome.

Boston has lived on the Island her entire life and married her childhood sweetheart, her soul mate. She has a beauty that shines and appreciated wisdom for those who surround her, she also has a very special gift of being able to make a canvas come to life and is able to put colors together that bring that life to any given surface. She is a very artsy person and her life and home exemplify this gift. I should add she has a hunky hubby and equally hunky brother-in-law and an adorable niece.

Deanna is, well perfect. She is the kind of person that always has the perfect outfit on, every hair in place does the right things goes to the right places, has the perfect house, the handsome hubby and five yep, five children. Deanna has rules strict rules, she expects everyone and I do mean everyone to be perfect.

It's wonderful to see how these owners bring perfection, artistic appreciation and professional expertise together. It also shows how each personality can contribute to a friendship if only given a chance.

I have enjoyed Susan Mallery books, I love the Blackberry Island Novels. Susan Mallery definitely has a gift to write and must say each time I read one of her books I like her more!
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