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Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2020
IT’S OVER! After 6 books, the conclusion to Agatha and Sophie’s fairytale adventures come to a close.

I absolutely loved the friendship in this series, and even though Sophie was suppose to be the “evil,” character, so much time was spent developing her character, her old self has greatly matured and she no longer cares about smashing her best friend’s happily ever after, but instead be a part of it.

So good, the villains in this series, particularly the last three books, truly felt one step ahead of the characters. So it made it all the more satisfying when Sophie gave that finishing line: “Bow down, WORM.” I was like “ooooooooh” the whole time.(The term worm actually means something, but you have to read to understand).

Agatha was as always, good but still sarcastic and relatable in every way. I loved seeing her relationship with Tedros blossom in the sense that they had their own problems to sort through. Their road to happiness as king and queen had some bumps, but that made it realistic in the sense that they still loved each other despite being tugged in opposite directions for most of the series.

To be honest, I would have liked to to see Tedros developed a little bit more, some of his lines get a little over the top, but otherwise the whole proposal was golden 👌, with the apple and all, really well done.

The trio of witches, amazing as always, fun banter, creative use of talents. (Still being used all the way from the first book! Glad the author continued fleshing out the concept of talents and didn’t just leave it as a plot convenience device).

Villans: Believable and strong. Loved the concepts of propaganda in this book and the reporters, with the hero’s slowly putting the pieces together.

Hort: I LOVED the dynamic between him and Sophie here, I laughed so much when they interacted and the end with Agatha being the good best friend she always is, just, ugh, melted my heart just a bit.

Overall: Great, definitely recommend, plot kept me turning the page. The author really knows how to write, his world’s are massive and complex. His characters are unforgettable! Can’t wait to see more of his work.
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