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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 12, 2016
Bradley and Gabby are celebrating their first Christmas as husband and wife and have decided to invite both of their families and friends, along with their families, over for Christmas. Sam and Ryan have been dating for a while but Joe and Sam find themselves drawn to each other. Sam thinks Ryan is the safe choice and Joe does everything he can to try and convince her that he is the right one for her. We get glimpses at all four of them during this book and it was interesting to see how they each get what they wanted but have to fight for it. Gabby was still a little spoiled and idyllic in her thinking where Sam over-analyzed everything to death. Joe had his hands full trying to convince her that she was his soul mate and then a tragic accident caused him to almost throw it away. Sam was her usual self and when she committed, she went all out. Her trust was hard to gain, but once you had it it was there for life unless you caused her to re-think it. I liked Joe but found it hard to understand his pushing her away without even asking her if she wanted to get back with Ryan. Also his life-altering news that his mother finally confessed to was hard to comprehend at first. It all worked out in the end, but it did take him some time to get his head wrapped around the betrayal and move on. The fact he had no issue still seeking out and speaking with Bradley while leaving Sam in the dust was difficult to understand. The epilogue was well done and gave a nice glimpse into the future.
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