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Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2021
You know what Cara Carnes writes about? Women's strength. The strength to survive. The strength to go for what she wants. The strength to be a badass. The strength to recognize her vulnerabilities. The strength to be a Phoenix and rise from the ashes more brilliant than ever before
She also writes about the power of the almighty dollar. Traditionally, men have the power in our society because they possess the wealth. The heroines in Ms. Carnes books control the wealth, whether by playing a little Robin Hood, wiping out the baddies to help those in need or allying with the good guys who have money.
The author writes about our highest aspirations, to be our best selves, no matter the cost.
While on the cusp of enlightenment there is love. It doesn't come on the blush of youth but rather on the painful scars of life.
That is at the heart of every single one of her books.
Pick one, any one...and enjoy.
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