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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2018
Reacher is BIG, we all know that. But he's also smart - about law enforcement, crime, basic street smarts, etc. In this book Childs gets Reacher into his desired situation by making him the stupidest person on earth. When charged by the FBI and NYPD with crimes that could put him in prison for life, he refuses to get a lawyer because - he's innocent. There's a word for innocent people who don't have lawyers: they're called "CONVICTS". And that's not even close to the dumbest thing that he does. Then we have an FBI forensics team that doesn't know that covering a human body in house paint will kill it. And an ending that depends on hypnosis as a "body-snatchers" mind control tactic. A hypnotized person will not do anything that she wouldn't do otherwise. And how many people would voluntarily swallow their tongues? I think I just lucked out on my first four books in the series. This is the second really stupid one, and it's going to be the last.
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