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Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2011
As a whole, this was a great series however this last book's twists and turn were too much for me to handle. Towards the end of this last book I was crying because I was disappointed, crying because I was frustrated, and crying because I wanted things to end differently. This book was great until Keenan gave up his crown and court to Aislinn. I guess I really excepted her to accept her connection with Keenan at a cellular level. I mean they were literally made for each other. I couldn't understand him actually giving up his court and just giving it to her like it was nothing. I know it was hard for him to just leave it behind but it just seemed too easy for him to do. I felt as if they were both being selfish and stupid because I can't believe the summer court will be stronger with only one monarch. Their chemistry when together made for better reading. Then to have Keenan grapple at Donia's feet just rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sorry she wasn't the "one" but seriously for a king to go all mushy with only a few chapters left in the last book just made me sad. I really wanted Seth to stay in Faerie with his "mom" and become a stronger character in that domain and leave Aisleen to claim Keenan as her king. That would have been the best ending since all the other books were leading up to it.
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