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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2022
The stories in this complication have good ideas behind them, but they don't feel like actual stories. They read like story outlines before being fleshed out. There are jumps in them that are supposed to be stylistic but which are merely confusing or annoying. As an example, the hero is cradling his girlfriend in his arms. Suddenly he is walking to investigate noises in the front of the cabin carrying a rifle. There aren't the necessary steps to provide proper flow. It is as if he wants to jump to the end without fleshing out the middle.

Another annoyance is the lack of proper grammar. Punctuation serves a purpose. If you are going to try to express thoughts to others, the use of punctuation to make those thoughts clear is relevant and a necessary skill.

I respect people who are trying to work at a craft. I understand that they are participating in online workshops. But unless they are working with already successful writers they aren't getting adequate guidance. Unless they are willing to put in the work with serious study of grammar they aren't ready. Unless they are willing to hire professional editors they aren't ready. Not everyone who wants to be an author is an author. Most should be writing more and more and more works before offering them for sale. I would have liked to see these outlines when they have made it into true story form, because I think there is potential there.
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