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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2016
So far, this stuff is working great! I didn't realize that there were huge gaps around the pipes under my sink and when our building started having a problem with mice, so did my unit. I couldn't figure out how the little suckers were getting in. We had an exterminator come in and he put bait stations and traps around, but he told me that he couldn't fill the gaps around the pipes and that I would have to call a contractor for that. The biggest gap was less than an inch so that seemed excessive. After some research, I found this stuff and so far, so good. You definitely need to wear the gloves so if they don't fit, get some that are bigger and have the rubber coating like these do because this stuff is evil and will get through any fabric, even the heavy canvas gloves. And the included scissors are also helpful because you need something strong to get through this stuff. But it was easy enough to cut and I pulled it apart a bit before stuffing it in the crevices around the pipes. Once you are done cutting this stuff, be sure to clean up the small bits that fall because those will hurt if you touch them or step on them or, like me, end up with them on your clothing. Tiny little shard of pain, I tell you. But that's great because it will hurt the mice if they even try to get into my place. I got a paper towel wet and used that to clean them all up. Next time, I'll put down some plastic before cutting, or cut the bits over a bag. Lesson learned.

This stuff stays put and I have not heard the mice in the cupboard since. Now I just need to go around my place and find any other ways they are sneaking in. You get quite a bit of it with this size order so I have no doubt I'll be able to do my entire unit with just one package. I highly recommend this stuff if you know where the mice are getting in. I don't know if this is safe to use around copper pipes, but mine were all PVC and one was the flexible hose used for the dishwasher. Do some research before using this around copper because the building manager mentioned it when I told him about this stuff. If I find out more about that, I'll update my review. Or, if someone from the company knows and can comment, that would be great. Overall, very satisfied. I freaking hate mice.
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