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Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2018
Background: I have a shedding dog, so I bought this in hopes that by running it every-day, it would pick up on some of the dog hair on the floor.

What I like:
-VERY easy to use.
-easy to follow instructions
-has a sticker on the bottom so if it ever stops and beeps, you can flip it over and it says exactly what the beeps mean (one beep means one thing, two beeps means another--which is SUPER helpful!).
-color on top clearly shows what mode it is in (blue-ready to go, orange-needs to charge, red-problem to fix-such as emptying the tray).
-very quiet. I can work on stuff with it in the room and it does not bother me at all (my dog also does not mind it).
-works great on white carpet and easily transitions from my living room to dining room (which has a slight bump).
-when its low on battery, it does not die where it is at, it just turns off the vacuum then finds the home doc and charges itself.
-just works really well. I run it everyday and I am impressed by how much stuff it gets (especially when it goes under things such as the couch).
-if it gets caught on a cord, it usually takes 5-10 seconds but then it stops the suctioning and moves away (releasing the cord or other item). However if you have a small cord you should put it up (and you should regardless, I just noticed it doing this a few times and thought it was neat, but I do try to pick up all cords).

What could be improved:
-nothing really in particular to this.
-It does not work well on anything black, but this is true for all robot vacuums. It sometimes gets stuck when it goes on the black carpet we have with the black chairs (I suspect because it can not detect them), but this has not happened often. My dog has a black mat for her food and water and it always bumps into it and spills the water, but again, this would occur with any robot vacuum.
-Also, make sure the doc is against a wall because otherwise it will move and never charge (self explanatory, but I did not do the first time and it kept trying to doc and was just pushing the doc around the floor).
-Finally, you do have to dump out the vacuum particles almost every time you run it (if you do a full circle/battery cycle). It is really easy to dump and beeps when it needs to be emptied. Again, nothing really negative, just something to note.

Overall, I really like this! It does a nice job cleaning up the dog hair and other things that get on my floor and saves me a lot of time not vacuuming daily. If you have a dog, I would watch them with this first before you use it. My dog was initially scared of it but sniffed it's "butt" and now they are cool and she does not mind it at all. Pleased with this product and would recommend! :)

On another note, Eufy has amazing customer service! I received an email from them addressing each of my "what could be improved" components with more information on the product. Very impressed.
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