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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2016
I bought one for my nieces for Christmas as they are just learning to sew, and at 12 years old I thought it would be a great gift while they're still at the age where they can explore hobbies and are inquisitive about learning new things, and to do things with their hands other than texting. I have five machines ranging from Singer to Kenmore and a serger plus an antique Singer Feather Weight machine that sews flawlessly and have been sewing for 45 years so I know a little something about the craft. Anyway, I viewed loads of videos on Youtube about the machine before purchasing it, and was convinced that it was the ideal machine for them. When it arrived I unboxed it, went over the instructions and tried it out - every stitch, feature and buttonhole. I was extremely impressed. Mostly because of the ease of use, low noise level, speed and not having to adjust the tension when changing fabric weights (of course you'll have to do it with extreme variances), and finally, the price - can't beat it for what it does. The automatic threader was a bit cumbersome, but that's a minor point as I never had one before, so it's not a big deal. I loved the speed (1100 stitches per minute vs. conventional machines at about 400 - 500) as I am a speed sewer as time is money! The other aspect of the machine I like is that it's mechanical as opposed to computerized, which will make for a lot more easier repairs and replacement parts if ever needed. I used to sell sewing machines and the computerized ones never seemed to have the heft as the mechanical machines and they tend to be very temperamental and fail more frequently. After playing with the machine for a couple days I was so impressed that I bought one for myself. I currently have my circa 1980 steel Kenmore on my stand right now, but it's gong to the attic. I absolutely love this machine and will certainly stretch it to its limits.
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