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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2016
She's done it again. Ritter Ames has left me breathless with action-packed, globe-trotting duo Laurel Beacham and Jack Hawkes. In case you haven't read the first two books, think espionage, art forgeries, high dollar crime, mysteries entwined within mysteries and unexpected twists, both caper-wise and personally for the characters.
The books stands alone just fine, but I personally think there's a better chance you'll enjoy it if you read the first two of the series, Counterfeit Conspiracies and Marked Masters. Why? Because the author is weaving a masterful plot that refers to memorable parts of the first two books and it simply makes it all more interesting and fun.
Great way to travel vicariously as you enjoy watching the plot unfold. I love the visits to London and Rome and mostly somewhere I knew next to nothing about but is now firmly on my someday list, Baden-Baden in Germany. Such a romp!
There are also the enjoyable bits about the characters themselves--Lauren's often entertaining concerns about her wardrobe and purse, her smartness and quick wit, her obvious caring for her assistants, and her exasperation with Jack. He, in turn, is a dashing and secretive combination that makes for a good foil for her, but also is human enough to be genuinely appealing. I like them together and apart as they discover each other's similarities and differences.
I especially love that the story takes so many suspenseful twists and turns to wind up, in a roundabout fashion, where it began, but with welcome changes afoot. I already can't wait for book four because we're still working on some of the whodunnit and I just want to see how the characters develop in this well done storyline.
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