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Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2018
Just finished the biography of Dallas. It brought back a lot of memories of conversations I had with him over the years. I was impressed with the way Gary Moon treated Dallas' imperfections and traits that were less known. I give Jane Willard and the family high marks for their honesty as well. Often times, families want to gloss over reality, but the book gently, but firmly, was honest. A big take away was that Dallas was not always the practitioner of what he advocated. In other words, what we advertise or teach as the pathway to transformation is not always the actual ways that transformed us. I had several discussions with him about personal devotions et al and what the book said about his use of Psalm 23 and the Lord's Prayer were accurate to my remembrance.
I also found several parts of the book moving and proved to be a tearful experience for me. I was dabbing my eyes on the airplane as I read. I thought the book picked up momentum as I read and proved to be thought provoking. I was sad when it ended, I wish it had been longer. If the reader knew Dallas Willard personally, those memories made the words take on special meaning and power. My critique is not an emotionally removed literary statement, but from someone who was ministered to by Dallas himself and by remembering so many things that made him special. I hope that many who read this will take up some of the books that Dallas wrote, it may cause them to take up a new life in Christ.
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