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Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2021
I quite enjoy this series, it is an interesting take on a space opera, humans are low on the totem pole, and an empire is retiring letting g loose the leash it's help so long, letting things settle out between all of the clients and colonies of the empire as the rulers step back.

Great action, interesting strategies, good twists and reasonable actions and reactions. My only complaint is the details of the fleets are all very fuzzy, and the fleet sizes seem to change from moment to moment. A few times the Pashtali fleet was counted, and 25 battleships was mentioned, in the final battle we destroyed dozens of battleships and they still had mote, it was mentioned that the pashtali had 5 massive ships for transiting to the threadlines (and several were needed every time they transferred with a long recharge), yet in the final battle there was I only such ship captured and it shut down the enemy option of jumping out (made it sound like it was the only 1).

No numbers of the human fleet were ever mentioned aside from the original fleet numbering around a hundred, then having 30, ships survive, wait there are over forty, oh and now they've picked up a bunch of civilian ships, but no idea on numbers. The earth fleet was never numbered, or broken down into battleships, battle cruisers, heavy cruisers, smaller ships, just "we had a fleet, we fought and kept on fighting, we hurt the other guys a lot, but not enough, until it was enough and we tricked them into surrendering, but we never counted how many enemy ships surrendered, and we are going to use them to rebuild our destroyed fleet of a bunch of ships, but we never counted how many survived any of the battles." The vagueness of the numbers makes the twists of the battle meaningless because you can't follow the battle beyond Nuttal telling you it's not enough, or that there are too many
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