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Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2016
First, for an Elvis movie, this is pretty good. Decent character development, and the plot is ok. The acting is good, MTM of course was always a great actress, but even Elvis did good here. When I was a teen I would have given this movie five stars; but now that I have matured, and grown in Faith, I SEE the message contained in the movie, which basically made a mockery of nuns, disrespecting the wearing of the habit as being undesirable, made it seem like renouncing one;s solemn vows to play street activist is a good and moral choice, while it is REALLY mortally sinful, and ending with the two old ladies wishing for the old days "Where they didn't have to think: was incredibly spiteful ugly and dishonest evaluation of the glorious Latin Tridentine Mass. It is actually an anti-Catholic movie, meant to make the watering down of the Faith seem alright. Subtle, not overt anti-Catholicism. Meant to woo one, not hit over the head with a sledge hammer. A kind of "cultrual jihad" if you will. So, good acting and decent plot aside, watch it with your eyes wide open, and do not get suckered into the anti-Catholic sentiment in the movie.
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