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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 8, 2009
Unlike most Trekkies (Trekkers), I did not watch Star Trek breathlessly when it first appeared on TV. I was a Mission Impossible fan and learned to appreciate Leonard Nimoy more when he became a member of that show. It was on the reruns in syndication, when I watched all the episodes with my two sons, and the 6 ST movies that I learned the appeal of a cast that stayed together for 25 years, cared about each other, worked for honorable goals, and made you care about them. The background of how much of this came about is what Leonard Nimoy discusses in "I Am Spock." After being criticized for writing "I Am Not Spock" a decade or more earlier for not liking his Vulcan character and nearly losing the directing role for "ST III: The Search for Spock" because of it, he came back to write this one and describe how much of himself he actually put into the character. He also reveals how hard he fought with writers, directors, and producers to maintain elements of the character he felt were vital to the Vulcan's role in ST and shouldn't be messed with by people who didn't understand ST. But most of all, the charming behind-the-scenes stories of the relationships with all of his longtime cast members and the hard work and joy they brought to creating the iconic show is enough to warm the heart of any ST fan. I had never read this book and, after seeing the new JJ Abrams movie with the younger cast playing the wonderful ST characters, I have renewed my love affair with the original cast by rewatching the original shows and movies and reading Leonard Nimoy's book. For any ST fan, it is a must.
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