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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 26, 2016
Tl;dr at the bottom.

You really can't beat this for $.99. Or even $4.99 if it's priced higher than what I paid. $5 is still a steal.

There's a little something for everyone in this collection. I ended up skipping two stories that I just couldn't get into, but the rest managed to grab my attention.

I thought I would quickly summarize my favorites for you.

One story in particular "Legacy" by Moira Katson, left me feeling haunted long after I finished it, and goes down as possibly my favorite. I feel like revealing anything more will ruin the slow revelation of the horror a young woman finds herself in, so this is where I will leave it.

Another story actually managed to fool me well into the story, and I only realized the twist about to come right before it was made apparent. I don't get to enjoy that very often these days, and I'm going to refrain from writing the title out so as to not spoil the potential surprise for others.

I enjoyed "Piece of Cake" by Patrice Fitzgerald. I empathize immensely with the poor woman who only wants a taste of sweetness, and the struggle she faced to do so.

"#Don'tTell" by Peter Cawdron could easily make a novel that I would devour. It details the struggles of empaths, and the bigotry they face. The stories told by one empath were fascinating, and I could read more, and more of them.

The last story I'll touch on is called "Iterations" by Deirdre Gould. It revolves around death, and what might follow, and I enjoyed it's ideas greatly.

I hope I've been able to pique you're interest with my summaries. I've tried to convey the essence of the stories without giving to much away. (I am only a reader, and not a writer, I hope my limited abilities don't hurt my cause!)

All of the authors managed to write relatively well, with good plots, and characters that were believable.
One or two stumbled a bit, and had lower quality writing, but mostly still wrote enjoyable tales.

I knocked a star off for the few transposed words, or typos, and for the one story so poorly written I had to skip it, despite the fact that not finishing a story goes against my entire being.

I would've only knocked half of one off, but Amazon still hasn't made that a thing. I still think it's worth that many stars because of the amount of entertainment for the price.

Before this, I read "The Doomsday Chronicles", and enjoyed it too. After posting this review I'm going to go pick out another in the chronicle series!

Tl;dr: If you like sci-fi of any kind, there's a story or two for you. Well worth the low cost!
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