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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2017
I am glad to be exposed to this take on the Enneagram, but would not recommend it as a first source to anyone just beginning to learn about it. I have, for that purpose, enjoyed books by Riso and Hudson, who are more detailed, and, I would say, straightforward. Richard Rohr's book seems to me to be more his personal Roman Catholic Christian interpretation and application of the Enneagram's principles. I don't say I think he is *wrong;* in fact, I find his emphasis on our need to evolve beyond the types compelling. Although any basic intro to the Enneagram will speak of the underlying pain which has caused an individual to adopt the approach of a chosen type, Rohr (with an RC focus on suffering?) makes this central to his explication. Again, I don't think he's *wrong.* In fact, I find his thesis compelling that the talents we develop as we express our chosen type demonstrate how God "makes use of our sins." But if you are just learning about the Enneagram, I would recommend Riso and Hudson, who will provide more detail, and, I might imagine, more interest, in the first instance.
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