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Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2005
I was terribly disappointed with this book. After waiting several years and wondering where JK Rowling would go with the story, we were presented with mostly filler via pensieve. The pensieve storylines in previous books were always a bad literary device (except Snape's extracted memory in OOP). The mystery of how Harry will defeat Voldemort has deepened and become more complex. Not only does Harry have to identify 4 more horcruxes and destroy them, he then has to battle Voldemort, apparently alone. Harry has not learned much new this year, considering the interaction between him and Snape near the end if this book (spoiler) where Snape can easily deflect his spells. So I believe that Book 7 will need to be more like Homer's Odyssey, where our hero, Harry, breaks away from his predictable life at the tender age of 17, finds these missing pieces of Voldemort's soul, learns some new powerful magic and then dispenses with the Dark Lord. Wow, and he didn't even learn more than a few new spells this year and won't be returning to Hogwarts next year. Harry has also not learned how to trust adults, even after losing his godfather last year. Could he have told Dumbledore about the half Blood Prince? Why didn't Lupin know his nickname? Why was the book so old- his mother's? Why bother, Harry will not be making potions on his way to dispensing with Voldemort.

Also, I missed so many characters and issues from the previous books. Why didn't the Slytherins ever play Gryffindor? Where were all the other students during the school year? Colin Creevey- how can you not have him in the book? What ever happened related to the mysterious arch where Sirius fell through in the Ministry. What about the two way mirrors that Harry never used last book- wasn't this critical to the story?

There is no controversy here-only a book of little substance, what felt like leftovers from the other books.

I hope that JK Rowling is preparing a fitting ending to the series, because if Harry doesn't get a whole lot smarter and a lot more trusting, by the end of the 7th book, he will (and should) be easily dispensed with by the great evil Voldemort.

I would only recommend this book to the fanatic and when reading it to your children, it will require some paraphrasing in order to keep them interested.
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