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Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2015
This is the second Doc Ford novel I've read, and the author tells a good, interesting, and compelling story (as he did in the other one I read).
Doc Ford is a marine biologist with a background in spying or covert activities for the Feds during the Viet Nam war, an activity at which he apparently excelled, although the author doesn't spend much time on the background stuff.
Now Doc lives in a house on stilts near a marina in Florida, which marina is filled with people who are like family to him. He gets drawn into investigating sticky or mysterious situations, usually due to his association with his marina friends. Doc is a good guy with high morals, but one who is not afraid to dirty his hands if he thinks the situation/adversary deserves it.
This book is about a little girl who commits suicide, but who had a power to find Indian relics, some of which turned out to be quite valuable. Years after her daughter's death, her mother is being harassed and asks a friend of Doc's for help, and the friend, of course, enlists Doc. Lots of excitement ensues.
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