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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 5, 2017
So I finally caved and read “A Game of Thrones”, despite the fact that I insist that I am not a fantasy guy. I will admit it. I really enjoyed this book. It kept my attention and I found myself wanting to go back and read it!
It is a big book, many people, have said many things about it. Here are some of mine:
• The characterization is really good. There are defined personalities and traits and Mr. Martin usually conveys them without a superfluous amount of words.
• The alternating points of view chapter by chapter. This device allows the reader to take in the massive scope of the story that is being told here in manageable chunks. I hope this style continues thru the series.
• The large arc of the story. Mr. Martin has created world here, with a complete and rich history.
• The novel is unapologetic. By that, I mean there is rampant sexism, violence, etc. Not pretty elements, but the author is not casting a modern eye on them apologizing for every undesirable trait. This is an ancient world, not like our own. He allows that story to happen without foisting modern sensibilities on it. I appreciate someone just telling a story and letting the actions speak for themselves. You are disgusted or titillated by what the characters are doing based on how you view the world.
That is a quick overview, but some of the highlights. I will say, the overlong descriptions of clothing and food I could do with a little less of, but it is a small quibble, and I have friends who love that aspect of the book, so there ya go.
I will be continuing this journey through the Seven Kingdoms, but I am not sure when. My “to read” pile is massive enough as it is.
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