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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2014
I enjoy Macintyre's books but this one seemed a bit more forced than some of the others. The writing style was sometimes thriller-ish rather than his usual engaging but scholarly work. The story is very interesting but at this point, quite well-known: the British government's extraordinarily successful effort to fool the Nazi Abwehr and Wehrmacht by creating a network of false spies to feed false information to the Germans that would deflect them from the real location and date of the invasion of Normandy. Macintyre's focus on the people involved in the deception - the British and (inept) American spymasters, the personal quirks of the spies, and the sometimes-hilarious gullibility of the Germans - makes this an enjoyable read but not as compelling a one as some of his other books (in particular, A Spy Among Friends).
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